We partnered up with Hives for Humanity to collaborate on a planter project @ Big Rock Urban Brewery in Vancouver, BC. We designed the planters, worked with H4H to break down the pallet wood then we showed their team how to assemble and VOILA!  A happy space for the Bees. Good work everyone.

Check out Hives for Humanity on line @ and on Twitter/Instagram @ Hives4Humanity

Lovin it.



Reimagined: The Reuse Network

Thank you to our Friends at Reimagined: The Reuse Network for sharing our story!

Wood Shop Workers Co-op (Wood Shop Upcycling) makes quality furniture and products for the Home and for Businesses out…

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An Interview. Each for All & Co-op Radio

Our friends at Co-op Radio  and the Each for All show have asked us to visit them this Tuesday the 22nd from 8-9 pm  to have a little chat about the Wood Shop.

Join us on Vancouver Co-op Radio CFRO FM 100.5 or listen online at

Here is a little excerpt from Dale, our host, and a link to the full details on FB.

“Our guests are Chris Nichols and Jessica Valentine from Wood Shop Upcycling. They are a worker co-op that makes quality products out of wood others consider waste. Their hand-made products are both beautiful and affordable. We’ll explore how Wood Shop runs their co-op, makes their products, and even have an audio tour of their new workshop!”






Wood Shop Crew

Ever wonder who is behind making Wood Shop what it is today?  Here is a little insight so you can get to know us better…



Chris Nichols.   Operations Coordinator.   Worker/Owner/Founder.

Chris is a carpenter/philosopher who is known for taking himself too seriously, except when he’s hanging out with his dog Lucia and wife Ashley in their co-op in EastVan. An avid supporter of the co-operative economy, he’s always willing to chat about tables and social justice, and how the one implicates the other.



Jessica Valentine.   Sales & Marketing Coordinator.   Worker/Owner.  

A lady who just gets it done. What ever needs doing she just does it. Bringing to the table a back ground in Community Development, Social Programming and Sales & Marketing the Wood Shop  is a vast playground in which she can build more than just furniture.


Maxim Piche.   Designer & Custom Builder.   Worker/Owner.

Maxim Piché has been working in the custom furniture industry for 10 years as a builder and designer. He is also a skilled scenic carpenter and earned his chops as a lead carpenter at the Vancouver Art Gallery. His experience runs the gamut of aesthetics from rustic to modern.  He plays a mean bass guitar, is always there with a good time at the ready and he can build a mean impromptu basketball hoop when needed.


Zay Brignall.       Builder/Worker.      Friend of Wood Shop

A self-described passionate unconventional innovator who dreams constantly, Zay is excited to be working with Wood Shop, building products as he moves forward his groundswell project of bringing a creative and supportive platform for children to use their imagination through play.

A penny for your thoughts…

Wood Shop launched a new website, product line and online shopping platform last month and we want to hear what your experience has been thus far.

Send us an email to with your critique of:

the website

the product line

the online store

Tell us:

At least one thing you enjoy about the website, the product line and the online store platform.

At least one thing you would change  about the website, the product line and the online store platform.

At least one thing we could do better or that you would like to see added to the website, the product line and the online store platform.

And last but not least, tell us what you think about our products price point.

As a thank you for your time and contribution you will be entered into a draw to win a $100.00 Wood Shop gift card. You can use it towards a bigger purchase like a bed, a trunk, a table… what ever your heart desires…or you can buy a few little things like our platters, crates, growler carriers etc. Again, what ever your heart desires.

Contest draw April 1st, 2016






We have just launched our new Online Store & Product Line! Visit and SHOP NOW!






Grassroots Economics

Vancouver Foundation talks to the Wood Shop Workers Co-op and Groundswell about grassroots economics and what they are doing to create a more just economy.



Wood Shop and the BCCA

Check out our role in the promotional video for the British Columbia Co-operative Association from last year. Proud to be a part of the co-op movement!

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Our website is undergoing some maintenance at the moment in preparation for launching the new platform for our product…

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Eastside Artist Company Craft Market February 27th

Guess who is going to be at the Market?????