Nectar Juicery

Nectar of the Gods

Nectar Juicery just opened a new location on Main St in Vancouver, here is what the Georgia Straight had to say about this space.  Guess who did their MillWork? That’s right, Wood Shop Worker’s Co-op. Check out this article and get your taste buds ready more juicy pics of their new space and their product offerings.

Design Dish: Top Woodworking Trends Spotted at The Wood Shop

At the Wood Shop, we love collaborating on different projects, working with clients who come to us with questions about design trends, ideas and even sketches of projects or custom pieces they want to have constructed.


The range runs everything from commercial display cases, product shelving units to a floating media space for the home, headboard, surface or on-trend lath artwork décor for the walls – you can imagine the array is pretty awesome.

Most of the time it’s up to our Wood Shop team to dial in on the finer details in order to help see it to fruition for clients.   We take care to look at how to build it creatively using renewable wood products readily available wherever possible.


In order to ensure clients get a beautifully crafted, timeless piece or installment they’ll enjoy for decades to come, we’re always keeping an eye out the latest woodworking design trends.

Wood Shop Trends

Some design trends we’re seeing lately range from style of wood used, to preference in finishing techniques as well as the incorporation of lath art into home décor.


Sculptural Artwork and wall art constructed from various sizes of reclaimed wood,  featuring different textures and punches of colour are also on the rise at the Wood Shop.


Statement surfaces featuring a raw edge and a contrasting industrial-style pipe base are also prominently requested.   We work with a number of suppliers capable of creating made-to-measure base elements for these projects.

Modern cabin/ cottage accent pieces are pretty big right now thanks to their rustic-chic appeal that adds warmth to modern-looking (minimalist) condos.  For many clients, we’re seeing an increased demand for such shabby-chic elements that infuse a sense of homeyness to small space living.

In keeping with this trend to adding texture and life to the home, many customers are looking for creative ways to up the eco-chic natural element by incorporating floating planters, shelves and accents to their space.


Are you looking to kick start a woodworking project of your own, but need a little help? Connect with our team today and get started!

Our Shop Class Sessions offer the perfect opportunity to create such masterpieces for home or office.





Pint-sized Woodworkers Takeover The Shop Class Sessions

First and foremost we are a community of passionate creators and educators at Wood Shop.  We love encouraging people of all skill level and ability to participate and explore the world of sustainable woodworking through our Shop Class Sessions.

little woodshop worker

With school out and summer in full swing in Vancouver, as parents it can be tough to constantly think up creative, safe and educational ways to occupy your child’s mind and time.

Once clever couple opted to revisit us at the Wood Shop and share their own passion for woodworking with their pint-sized protege by registering them in one of our available private sessions.

junior woodworker

Junior Woodworkers Jade (11) and Quintin (13) had a blast spending time in the shop with their parents learning how to make their very own reclaimed wood trunks.  Not only did they score a unique opportunity to explore the world of carpentry, they also had the chance to use a variety of different wood shop tools to construct their respective trunks (under adult supervision of course), learning valuable skills and garnering a greater sense of accomplishment and confidence along the way.

Junior Jade woodworking


As woodworking educators, having children like Jade and Quintin participate in our Shop Class gives us a great sense of satisfaction.  We hope they’ll continue to develop many other skills and grow their newfound interest in sustainable woodworking throughout life.

If you’ve got a youngster at home, consider signing up for one of our upcoming sessions and create your own memories together!


Groundswell Marketplace Instagram Contest Launches Today


In celebration of the season, Wood Shop is excited to announce a special Instagram contest to kick-start summer at the Groundswell Community Marketplace on Granville Island.

With a Grand Prize featuring a complimentary Shop Class Session (valued at $350) and additional prizes awarded each Friday following every market date, the odds of winning are solid – just like the reclaimed, refurbished and sustainable wood we build with every day.


CONTEST RULES: Here’s how it works in 4 easy steps!

  1. Follow us on Instagram @hellowoodshop
  2. Add a picture of yourself at the Wood Shop Groundswell Marketplace booth on Granville Island holding one of the (pictured) items you’d like to win.  [Crate/Platter/Growler Carrier or Shelf]
  3. Tag Wood Shop in the photo using @hellowoodshop
  4. use all 3 hashtags : #WoodShopLife #WoodShopMade #FairWoodCollection for your chance to WIN!


GRAND PRIZE WINNER announced October 1st includes:

1 x Shop Class Session of Winner’s Choice + Material Fees and a choice of Tapered Leg Base or Rectangular Wood Leg Base.

*Custom Design & Fabrication Services / Metal Base Products are an additional fee.

Learn more about all our ongoing Shop Class Sessions here.













Wood Shop at Groundswell Marketplace



Join the Wood Shop team throughout the summer and experience the world of woodworking in a fun, collaborative public market as part of the Groundswell Community Marketplace.

This weekly event is held on Granville Island amidst the hub of activity: the centre of Triangle Square, and showcases a number of great community focused businesses.

The market runs every Tuesday until September 19th between 11AM and 4PM and our Wood Shop booth will be open to showcase a selection of handmade pieces constructed using reclaimed and refurbished BC wood, many of which were crafted at one of our Shop Class Sessions.   Visit us select Tuesdays (June 20, July 4, July 25, August 8, August 22, September 5, September 19).

The Wood Shop Co-op’s Custom Groundswell Marketplace Lounge was recently unveiled and is built in collaboration with the Groundswell Social Venture Program Participants.


Our lounge highlights the beautiful and unique pieces as well as stunning wood designs created exclusively for the seasonal marketplace.   Offering visitors a place to congregate, relax and reconnect, it showcases a unique sense of craftsmanship evident in a variety of  functional and comfortable pieces such as a Fir Lam Harvest Table, lath art-style coffee table (made with reclaimed pine and fir trunks), relaxed crate and bench seating (made with reclaimed pine slats).  All items were made as part of our ongoing Education SeriesShop Class Sessions as well as from our Fairwood Home Collection.

Visitors to the Groundswell Community Marketplace Wood Shop lounge interested in an educational class can register on-site by visiting our adjacent booth (and get a promo code for $25 off their Shop Class Session!)

CONTEST ALERT: Watch our blog and social media feeds for details of our Wood Shop x Groundswell Marketplace Instagram Contest! Launching tomorrow, June 20th!



Reclaim Your Life

We had a friend from our co-op community come to us with a little project she had been wishing upon for years, she wanted to take 3 ol blocks of wood and make them into something… but what exactly she wasn’t sure.

So we started with a little discovery. What would she REALLY want to see come out of these ol blocks of cedar that had been sitting in her garage for years? 2 side tables and a bench, OK! We can work with that. Where do we go from there ?

What kind of aesthetic was she going for?  Modern, right. Got it! So what can we incorporate in the design and the finish that not only really aligns with her aesthetic goals, but the natural character of the wood itself. This wood was beautiful in it’s colouring, a golden yellow, a truly stunning hue of well dried yellow cedar. It still had a few chunks of bark on parts of the slab that would soon be a bench, and we thought that a nice thick resin would not only bring out the colour, but it would protect the bark and allow it to stay in place and last for years. Not to mention not get clothing all snagged up when being used as a bench! So a resin pour it was, matched with a bold black pair of metal rectangular legs, and Viola! A modern, functional, beautiful bench for our friend and client who had a dream to incorporate reclaimed materials into her life.  To go with the bench we crisped up the edges of the 2 blocks and gave them a nice thick resin top as well so that they could be used for any purpose that they need to be used for and be protected from water rings, scratches and the like.

These pieces are a life long investment, one that she will be able to engage with and enjoy everyday. We are honourned that this dream was trusted to us from one of our good friends at MEC, thank you!! 




This year we met Becki & Chris of the . A Common Law couple from Newfoundland and avid DIYers.

For the past 5 years they have been working to transform their 80’s style home back East into a modern and creative space. DIY style. They have documented it every step of the way online via their Blog the, a great resource for all DIYers.

Becki & Chris are kind of what we would think of as DIY Rockstars. Not to mention design/photography/videography ninjas. So when they contacted us to create a reclaimed wood table top for their new home in Vancouver we were stoked.

Living in Vancouver for a 1 year stint they needed a little somethin’ somethin’ DIY for their contemporary living space in the Oakridge district.

So began the creation.  Wood Shop would make the table top & the UncommonLaw  would make the metal pipe base.

And we will let you in on a little secret. We got to spend some time with the UncommonLaw in the Wood Shop, making not only the top but this short video of the wood working process.

Check out the video “The Making of A Reclaimed Table Top” below as well as links to how you can make your own DIY pipe base and a few fab photos of the finished piece in their home.

& Don’t forget to visit  for DIY tips, stories and links to all of their social media channels.







Give the Gift of DIY this Holiday Season

Make memories not garbage this year and give the gift a DIY experience with a Shop Class Session at the Wood Shop.

Giving the gift of a DIY Session is an opportunity to give a gift that not only creates a wonderful memory and a life experience but the maker will also get to bring home a beautiful piece of  hand made furniture or a home decor item.

Here are the options we have for you as the giver of gifts

Gift Certificate

Order a gift certificate via our online store or by email that can be used towards one of our DIY Sessions. We recommend a value of $250 as it will cover the cost of the Session as well as material fees.  Other denominations are also available to fit your needs.  We can email you the Gift Certificate as a PDF to print out or you can come by the Shop to pick it up in person.


shop-now-circle     contact-us


Register via EventBrite

Register the gift recipient for a Session via EventBrite online. Just enter their name and your email info & payment information and VIOLA! You print out the ticket and  wrap as desired. HO-HO-HO  Just remember not to put their email address as we will be sending an order confirmation email!





Have questions? Email us as we are happy to answer any of your questions about our Sessions and how you can give the gift of DIY this Holiday Season.

Reclaimed wood finds it’s place in a modern space

We ventured into a clients space this fall and worked on creating just the right look for this modern home using reclaimed wood with a touch of Antique Oak hardwax finish.

DIY Shop Class Sessions 2017

The 2017 Shop Class Sessions are now online and open to registration.


After having launched our education series this past fall it is with pleasure to say that we have had great success with the Shop Class Sessions and we have posted new dates for January/February.

March will be posted in the next few weeks and rest assured will be increasing the Sessions over the next year to include more dates, new subjects – Out door planter boxes, shelving, beds and more…maybe even evening sessions.

Stay tuned for new dates for March onward and what they entail.

But for now, go and get registered!

*Private Shop Class Sessions available, email for more info.

* Gift Certificates available, email for more info.