Upcoming Shop Class Sessions Winter/Spring  2017
DIY Reclaimed Wood Table 

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March 4th, 9am-5pm $165 + * material
March 5th, 9am-5pm $165 + * material
April 8th, 9am-5pm  $165 + *material
April 9th, 9am-5pm  $165 + *material
May 21st,  9am-5pm  $165 + *material



DIY Reclaimed Wood Storage Trunk

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February 18th, 9am-5pm  $165 + *material
February 19th, 9am-5pm  $165 + *material
March 25th, 9am-5pm  $165 + *material
March 26th, 9am-5pm  $165 + *material
 May 20th, 9am-5pm  $165 + *material

To Register please use the Register Now button above. Don’t have a credit card or you need assistance with Registering for an event? Or you would like to use a Gift Certificate? No problem.

When Registering through EventBrite select the Invoicing option and you have 2 business days to arrange payment via email money transfer or cash payment at the Shop. Full details are available during the check out stage of your registration via EventBrite.

Wood Shop will supply all of the wood and basic hardware materials you will need to complete your project. Special hardware and bases are additional. See below.

Cost for material would typically range from $20-$60. For example an average cost of material for a table measuring 48” x 24”, with four wooden legs, is $40.

Special base options including black iron piping, metal and hair pin bases are available for an additional cost. Please include a request for more information and pricing when you submit your project idea and design preference.

A material fee invoice will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your submitted design before the Shop Class date, payment is required upon completion of the Shop Class. Payment options include, cash, cheque or credit card. Please bring exact change, a cheque or a credit card. We can process credit cards on site.

Delivery of your finished project is available, a delivery charge is applicable.

*See the Registration page for full details.

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