Design Dish: Top Woodworking Trends Spotted at The Wood Shop

At the Wood Shop, we love collaborating on different projects, working with clients who come to us with questions about design trends, ideas and even sketches of projects or custom pieces they want to have constructed.


The range runs everything from commercial display cases, product shelving units to a floating media space for the home, headboard, surface or on-trend lath artwork décor for the walls – you can imagine the array is pretty awesome.

Most of the time it’s up to our Wood Shop team to dial in on the finer details in order to help see it to fruition for clients.   We take care to look at how to build it creatively using renewable wood products readily available wherever possible.


In order to ensure clients get a beautifully crafted, timeless piece or installment they’ll enjoy for decades to come, we’re always keeping an eye out the latest woodworking design trends.

Wood Shop Trends

Some design trends we’re seeing lately range from style of wood used, to preference in finishing techniques as well as the incorporation of lath art into home décor.


Sculptural Artwork and wall art constructed from various sizes of reclaimed wood,  featuring different textures and punches of colour are also on the rise at the Wood Shop.


Statement surfaces featuring a raw edge and a contrasting industrial-style pipe base are also prominently requested.   We work with a number of suppliers capable of creating made-to-measure base elements for these projects.

Modern cabin/ cottage accent pieces are pretty big right now thanks to their rustic-chic appeal that adds warmth to modern-looking (minimalist) condos.  For many clients, we’re seeing an increased demand for such shabby-chic elements that infuse a sense of homeyness to small space living.

In keeping with this trend to adding texture and life to the home, many customers are looking for creative ways to up the eco-chic natural element by incorporating floating planters, shelves and accents to their space.


Are you looking to kick start a woodworking project of your own, but need a little help? Connect with our team today and get started!

Our Shop Class Sessions offer the perfect opportunity to create such masterpieces for home or office.





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