Pint-sized Woodworkers Takeover The Shop Class Sessions

First and foremost we are a community of passionate creators and educators at Wood Shop.  We love encouraging people of all skill level and ability to participate and explore the world of sustainable woodworking through our Shop Class Sessions.

little woodshop worker

With school out and summer in full swing in Vancouver, as parents it can be tough to constantly think up creative, safe and educational ways to occupy your child’s mind and time.

Once clever couple opted to revisit us at the Wood Shop and share their own passion for woodworking with their pint-sized protege by registering them in one of our available private sessions.

junior woodworker

Junior Woodworkers Jade (11) and Quintin (13) had a blast spending time in the shop with their parents learning how to make their very own reclaimed wood trunks.  Not only did they score a unique opportunity to explore the world of carpentry, they also had the chance to use a variety of different wood shop tools to construct their respective trunks (under adult supervision of course), learning valuable skills and garnering a greater sense of accomplishment and confidence along the way.

Junior Jade woodworking


As woodworking educators, having children like Jade and Quintin participate in our Shop Class gives us a great sense of satisfaction.  We hope they’ll continue to develop many other skills and grow their newfound interest in sustainable woodworking throughout life.

If you’ve got a youngster at home, consider signing up for one of our upcoming sessions and create your own memories together!


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