Reclaim Your Life

We had a friend from our co-op community come to us with a little project she had been wishing upon for years, she wanted to take 3 ol blocks of wood and make them into something… but what exactly she wasn’t sure.

So we started with a little discovery. What would she REALLY want to see come out of these ol blocks of cedar that had been sitting in her garage for years? 2 side tables and a bench, OK! We can work with that. Where do we go from there ?

What kind of aesthetic was she going for?  Modern, right. Got it! So what can we incorporate in the design and the finish that not only really aligns with her aesthetic goals, but the natural character of the wood itself. This wood was beautiful in it’s colouring, a golden yellow, a truly stunning hue of well dried yellow cedar. It still had a few chunks of bark on parts of the slab that would soon be a bench, and we thought that a nice thick resin would not only bring out the colour, but it would protect the bark and allow it to stay in place and last for years. Not to mention not get clothing all snagged up when being used as a bench! So a resin pour it was, matched with a bold black pair of metal rectangular legs, and Viola! A modern, functional, beautiful bench for our friend and client who had a dream to incorporate reclaimed materials into her life.  To go with the bench we crisped up the edges of the 2 blocks and gave them a nice thick resin top as well so that they could be used for any purpose that they need to be used for and be protected from water rings, scratches and the like.

These pieces are a life long investment, one that she will be able to engage with and enjoy everyday. We are honourned that this dream was trusted to us from one of our good friends at MEC, thank you!! 




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