Welcome to the Briarpatch

Building outdoor spaces in collaboration with the community of the DTES brings us great joy and connects us not only to our neighbours but to the spaces that we use to cultivate and create community.

Welcome to the Briarpatch, a community garden space in the DTES @ Cordova and Princess.  The organizers of the Briarpatch worked with the City of Vancouver to fund a project that would help to build the functionality of the space with the addition of two new benches, each with the dual function of having a planter box and storage space built in.

The coordinators of the Briarpatch reached out to us with this message, and it was clear to us that our values aligned and the partnership would be a good match.

“We are interested in connecting with the Woodshop because we know you are located in the Downtown Eastside and understand the neighborhood that we are working to build community in. As well, we really admire the fact that you build with recycled materials. That is something we have been striving to do in the garden. Part of our current garden beds are built with recycled wood, as well we have a cob oven and bench made out of recycled clay and hotel shampoo bottles. This garden is built on an abandon lot, and I think that it speaks to using spaces and supplies that would have otherwise been wasted. I want to continue this trend as we expand our infrastructure.”

Over the past several months Chris and worked with the Briarpatch to design and develop plans not only for the installation pieces themselves but to host a day in the garden to do the install along side the Briarpatch community.

Here is a photojournal to showcase the success of the project, the connections made with the community and the beautiful outdoor wood furniture created in collaboration with the Briarpatch.

We thank the Briarpatch for including us in this project!



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